Multi Strand Garnet, Labradorite, Zircon and Gold Tube Bracelet 24K Fair Trade Gold Vermeil

Multi Strand Garnet, Labradorite, Zircon and Gold Tube Bracelet 24K Fair Trade Gold Vermeil

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Garnet is known to be a symbol of glory, love, regeneration, stability, beauty, truth and persistence. When one wears Garnet as a piece of jewelry, it has the potential to lift one’s confidence and bring about a new sense of popularity. Garnet has been known to be the warriors' stone. Garnet is also said to inspire contemplation and truthfulness and offers its wearer the power to protect their standing and possessions. The garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship. In the past, garnets have been exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection and to ensure that they meet again.


Stone Title Chakra Joyla Name Zodiac Birthstone
Garnet The Stone of Purity & Truth Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Throat Beauty and strength Aquarius Leo Capricorn Virgo January February May October
Labradorite The Stone of Magic Root, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, Crown Protection and Healing
Zircon Stone of Spiritual Balance All Strength of Purpose Leo Virgo Sagittarius September

Labradorite is known for its vibration to illuminate the path of one’s spiritual destiny. It cleanses and realigns all the energy centers within the body, which will help one to develop the proper psychic abilities to best suit them during their spiritual journey. Labradorite lifts insecurities about life by providing one with the strength to see the true worth of their purpose. Its vibration also holds a broad level of protection to guard against negativity. Have stone in-hand during meditation to feel your vibration raise and blend with the energy of Labradorite.

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