Joy is all around us: a smile from a friend, a flower in bloom, a sudden burst of unexpected laughter. With Joyla, we celebrate the beauty of our world by capturing its vibrance as jewelry. Our fresh, modern designs showcase natural gemstones in dazzling color combinations, from the warmth of garnet and carnelian to the iridescence of labradorite and moonstone and the dreamy blues of turquoise, tanzanite, and topaz.We source these vivid stones and surround them in stylish 24K gold vermeil with thoughtful, elegant details.

Joyla pairs well with curiosity and playfulness; you can wear any of our pieces solo for subtle sophistication or rock your favorites together for a lavish layered look. While all of Joyla’s jewels are a tribute to the wonder of gemstones, our Affirmation collection has a little something more. Each Affirmation design incorporates a symbol with powerful meaning: a wave for serenity, a flower for joy, a swirl for gratitude. These pieces are more than just jewelry, they’re a wearable reminder of the positivity that you can bring into your own life each day.

Our founder, Lori Gadola, is a jewelry industry veteran and gemstone enthusiast with a deep love of color. It was Lori’s passion for extraordinary gemstones that inspired her to create Joyla, which she now runs with the help of her Global Design Team. This small group of skilled artisans from all over the world is the heart of Joyla: it is their experience, vision, and dedication that make our jewelry possible.