Labradorite, Moonstone & Smoky Quartz 8mm Bracelet 24K Fair Trade Gold Vermeil

Labradorite, Moonstone & Smoky Quartz 8mm Bracelet 24K Fair Trade Gold Vermeil

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Stone Title Chakra Joyla Name Zodiac Birthstone
Smoky Quartz Stone of Endurance Earth, Root, Solar Plexus Balance and clarity Scorpio Capricorn
Labradorite The Stone of Magic Root, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, Crown Protection and Healing
Moonstone The Feminine Soothing Stone Third Eye & Crown Peace and Harmony Cancer Libra Scorpio April June August October

Smoky Quartz is one of the most unique and powerful, yet most efficient grounding stones. It rules over the root chakra and helps one to re-establish a connection to the physical world. This crystal is perfect for someone who seems to have their head stuck in the clouds or have lost touch to the physical side of life. Just go ahead and give them a Smoky Quartz. It t will help them regain mental clarity all while repairing their cellular structure/energy body.

Labradorite is known for its vibration to illuminate the path of one’s spiritual destiny. It cleanses and realigns all the energy centers within the body, which will help one to develop the proper psychic abilities to best suit them during their spiritual journey. Labradorite lifts insecurities about life by providing one with the strength to see the true worth of their purpose. It’s vibration also holds a broad level of protection to guard from negativity. Have stone in-hand during meditation to feel your vibration raise and blend with the energy of Labradorite.

Moonstone is filled with passionate love that can fly one to the moon. It protects those of a sensitive nature and opens one up to their feminine side. The vibration of Moonstones bring both sexes into resonance with the energy of the moon.

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